Using Screen Rotation with the Intel® Graphics Control Panel

Windows has a few of these parasitic “features” you can’t get rid of because… In general, the possibilities of customizing both the taskbar and the Start menu will be quite limited. In addition, Live Tiles will disappear, since the Start menu will have a fixed list of applications , as well as the most recent documents, which will appear below. Then we can install Linux Mint Cinnamon on them and carry on using the computers as if nothing had changed – except….

  • Make sure that there is a good community or support team behind the software in case you run into any problems.
  • Always download ISO files from the official Microsoft website.
  • And of course, there is voice support through Cortana for typing and commands like opening and closing windows or shutting down the PC.
  • However, sometimes this feature can be a nuisance.

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Windows 11 new features

Cockpit has a time-based release cadence, with new versions appearing every two weeks. Cockpit also supports a large list of optional and third-party applications. By default, Cockpit uses your system’s normal user logins and privileges. Network-wide logins are also supported through single-sign-on and other authentication techniques. Newfang Cloud is a viable GitLab alternative self-hosted that offers many of the same features and benefits.

Click the Mathpix icon in your system tray to open the Login screen. Enter the email and password you signed up with to Log in. If the Login button is disabled that means you haven’t entered a proper email or password–double check them! If you forgot your password and need to reset it, click Forgot your password? And a reset password link will be sent to your email. Downloading the CloudApp Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool is quick and easy.

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Develop, test, and deliver faster every time with automated cross browser testing using LambdaTest online Automation Browser Testing Grid. Browser & app testing cloud to perform both exploratory and automated testing across 3000+ different browsers, real devices and operating systems. If you have already had RDP account, you can be able to create a better connection among the computers. The Workspaces Cloud Software as a Service is a Kasm deployed and managed solution, where we host/manage Workspaces, so that you can focus on delivering services to your users. The Self-Hosted Server version allows you to install/manage Workspaces on your own server infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud provider of your choice.

Windows 11: How to Download Microsoft’s Latest OS – CNET

Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + Alt + Up or Ctrl + Alt + Down. Your PC’s display may have suddenly rotated while you were pressing something on the keyboard, causing you to accidentally press the hotkey. Ctrl+Alt+Arrow are keys that can be used to rotate your screen.

Though you can still access the Snipping Tool on Windows 10 by simply searching, we instead recommend its more modern counterpart. Well, on the whole Snip and Sketch is simply faster, better integrated, and has additional annotation and editing options. It will save you from typing the sequence Win+ Shift+ Sto launch the Snipping Tool. If your screenshots require a border, you can add them automatically using the Snipping Tool. Go to the Snipping Tool Settings from the three-dot icon and enable the toggle next to Snip outline. Also, click on the arrow next to the toggle to change the outline color and thickness.