Startup Wysa Receives $20M to Boost Employee Mental Health With Chatbots

Top 74 Mental Health Startups

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant some sectors like telemedicine and small-scale clinical trials have been boosted. Medable Inc, a technology provider for decentralised medical trails, received around €269 million ($304 million) in 2021. Cerebral Inc, an online mental health service, received around €265 million ($300 million) in 2021. The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Women Leaders in Medical Devices of 2022. From companies like Novartis with more than 100,000 team members around the globe, to numerous smaller startups with just a few dozen employees in a single office, these companies are changing the face of the industry… Led by co-founders Kelly Roman—who now serves as Chief Executive Officer—and chairman Chip Fisher, Fisher Wallace also supports unconventional methods of spreading awareness, including supporting mental health-focused TikTok creators.

Digital genome engineering solutions are developed by Inscripta, a life science technology company. Redox is a healthcare platform that integrates EHRs and accelerates the development and dissemination of healthcare software. Top 74 Mental Health Startups Honor is a home-care technology firm that collaborates with local organizations to provide dependable, high-quality in-home care. NexHealth is a healthcare operating system for patients, clinicians, and developers.

Cue Health

The company’s goal is to improve quality of life for people who have lost their sight. The company has developed the PRIMA System, which includes a sub-retinal implant, a pair of glasses with a mini camera, and a pocket computer powered by AI algorithms that process visual scenes. Together, these solutions stimulate retinal nerves and transmit information to the brain. The startup is offering technology that helps radiologists manage their workloads better. The company develops algorithms that can automatically sort through millions of clinical records to detect medical conditions and provide radiologists with powerful insights. Celcius Therapeutics is a Boston-based startup developing medicines for conditions such as autoimmunity and cancer. The startup uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze massive quantities of data more precisely.

Top 74 Mental Health Startups

Many people don’t get mental healthcare due to cost, finding a matching therapist, time, stress, and stigma. BetterHelp wants to provide a convenient solution to access licensed therapists. Circles is a mental health platform that creates support groups of people going through very similar life events together. Each support group is led by a trained mental health professional, social workers, psychologists, and therapists. Headway is “rewiring the mental health industry for access, affordability, and quality.” Its mission is to make it easier for providers to accept insurance flexibility and in turn help clients find affordable care.

A startup that helps the homeless and mentally ill get connected to services.

The company remains at the forefront with a world-class network of research facilities, scientists, engineers, and customer support specialists. With a focus on organization-wide high standards, its leadership and staff work together to assure customers’ success. Sotera Health was incorporated in 2017 by Michael Petras and is headquartered in Broadview Heights, Ohio. Following its last round of funding, which occurred in March 2021, the company has raised $675 million to date. Roivant was founded by Vivek Ramaswamy in 2014 with an eye toward incentivizing rapid deployment, and has successfully developed more than 40 critical drugs among its subsidiary divisions. Currently under development is a topical dermatitis medication by Dermavant, a biologic treatment for thyroid eye disease by Immunovant, and a solid tumor biologic by Affivant. The company was launched to great acclaim on the Nasdaq in late 2021 following a merger with Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corporation.

Top 74 Mental Health Startups

As a result of the more open conversation around mental illness, the tech world has taken notice. The amount of funding going into the mental and behaviorial health space has gone up ever year since 2014, when there was $118.32 million put into 38 companies, according to data supplied to VatorNews from CB Insights. Wysa, originally founded in India, is an AI chatbot that uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to guide users through app-based exercises that “triage users according to their personal needs,” according to a company statement. Relias boasts partnerships with industry-leading organizations, including McKesson, SkillSoft, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and more. The company has received a Google Cloud Customer Award for Healthcare and Life Sciences, and has been recognized as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index for 2021. After its acquisition of Vernalis R&D, HitGen boasts a research team of more than 500 scientists and offers a full set of research capabilities in bioscience and beyond.

Cityblock Health

Sean was a counselor in the state of Colorado before eventually serving as Executive Director of the Colorado Counseling Association. Sondermind is on a mission to redesign behavioral healthcare by improving, access, utilization, and outcomes. They have six core values which are bucketworthiness, empathy, transparency, courage, ownership, and passion. Mindbloom does use Facebook Pixel on their marketing website and on their onboarding questionnaire at which asks users extremely sensitive information about how they’ve been doing over the past seven days. For example, “Over the past seven days, I’ve felt worthless” and you can respond Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often.

Top 74 Mental Health Startups