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Negative emotions that cut me off from sanity and reason. They do not necessarily come from a Judea-Christian belief structure, just from my own awareness, 12 step practice and years of Neursocience research.

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However, it quickly becomes apparent that doing so is only masking the underlying issues. Similarly, those who struggle with alcohol addiction are more susceptible to developing a mental health issue. When this occurs, individuals are experiencing what experts refer to as a co-occurring disorder.

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The spiritual illness that we faced acted as a catalyst for our addiction, and every attempt to self-medicate our spiritual malady pushed us deeper and deeper into the disease. For me the “spiritual malady” is underpinned by an emotion disorder and makes us over reactive as you say. The Oxford Group said it was a sin disease just as real as any other physical malady, I intend to agree. Sins to me are negative emotions such as self centredness, intolerance, impatience, self pity that impact on my well bing and the well being of others etc.

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What Addiction is Not.

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One recovering alcoholic or a group of recovering alcoholics is a power greater than oneself. Not enough action, or effort to change my feelings in a healthy manner. I also have other ways of reacting in an emotionally unhealthy way that my step 4 showed. However, there seems to be a problem specifically with a patterned mesh of negative emotions which are activated when someone upsets me. Just as revealing where the negative emotions listed which clearly showed how I react, and can still react to people who I believe have caused my hurt or rejection.

The Power of Obsession in Alcoholism and Addiction

This has been borne out in millions of cases around the world. It symbolizes that this was the day when one https://ecosoberhouse.com/ic helped another alcoholic achieve lasting sobriety. I relate to my fellow human beings when I am not in fear or shame. I am not only fearful I have reacted to their arrival via shame based defence mechanisms and reactions. I am shamed and disgusted that my neighourhood has come to this. I am dismissive of them, intolerant, impatient and arrogant towards them. My step 4 showed me this is the unhealthy fruit of my greed, gluttony, my lust, my sloth.

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That will be lifted if you correctly follow the twelve spiritual maladys in the book. Alcoholics Anonymous, the book that was created in the late 1930s was used to get people sober. Alcoholics would read and follow the steps in the book and get sober. The three must be addressed to find healing, recovery, and to live life sober. I struggled with this myself in the early days of my recovery.