15 Reasons to Date a Mechanic

Certain, their arms might be greasy. Presuming the auto technician requesting out rinses his fingers regularly, there’s really no explanation to miss on a dinner for just two with this tradesman.

1. Your car or truck will run efficiently — approximately permanently.

2. Technicians aren’t afraid of obtaining filthy.

3. Auto mechanics are great making use of their hands.

4. You will have the means to access guidance, device kits, and hard-to-find extra areas.

5. Technicians are optimists. They don’t throw out broken material; rather they see the prospective in just about every part.

6. Mechanics tend to be accountable and reliable. Other people believe the big date because of their individual security on the highway.

7. Your own date improves the everyday lives of other people, helping all of them get to where they should get.

8. Technicians work under great pressure. They also work effectively with force — literally.

9. Mechanics are casual hook up for a challenge, usually finding an opportunity to improve a design.

10. Auto mechanics are wondering and continuously mastering. They just take circumstances apart merely to discover how circumstances work.

11. You should have the chance to create improper laughs about performance.

12. Aspects are persistent and insist upon having the task done right.

13. Mechanics love high quality, double-checking their unique work.

14. Auto mechanics spend their unique days covered in grease. They understand how exactly to clean up well.

15. Aspects realize protection process additionally the requirement for enough protection.